Are you interested in installing a ducted rangehood in your home? There are many advantages to ducted rangehoods, and when you choose Pacific rangehood, you get even more features and benefits that make life in the kitchen easy.

Unlike recirculating rangehoods, ducted rangehoods don’t filter the same smoky, odour-filled air back into your home. Instead, ducted models extract grease, grime, and odours and vent them outside your property. This provides a cleaner kitchen and far more effective results for you.

Backed by more than 45 years of research and development, Pacific’s ducted rangehoods provide the optimal experience for you. Explore the benefits of our ducted rangehoods below and contact Pacific Kitchen Life to enquire about installing the best rangehood for your home.


Ducted Rangehoods with Self Cleaning Functionality

One thing that sets our rangehoods apart is their ability to clean themselves. That’s right! You don’t need to worry about cleaning the grease and grime out of your rangehood anymore.

The ducted rangehoods we install feature steam cleaning and auto cleaning functionality that makes your life easier than ever. So not only will our rangehoods extract kitchen grime better than the rest, they will also clean themselves so you don’t need to get anywhere near that grease and grime!


Powerful Ducted Rangehoods Without the Noise

Pacific Kitchen Life’s rangehoods will effectively extract grease, grime, and smoke and send it outdoors. This is thanks to the ducted design and the powerful dual motors featured on our rangehoods. You won’t have to yell over our rangehoods when you’re using them either. The motors on our ducted rangehoods are incredibly quiet, allowing you to create a peaceful kitchen environment.

Our ducted rangehoods are also filterless, and the motors are backed by 25-year warranties. This ensures that you are covered in the rare case that something does go wrong.


Ducted Rangehood Sales and Installation

You can shop online for your brand new ducted rangehood or find the product you need at your nearest retail location. To enquire about the best rangehood for your needs, as well as ducted rangehood installation, contact Pacific Kitchen Life today.

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