Most rangehoods have filters that need cleaning, changing, and replacing throughout their lifetime. It’s time-consuming, it’s frustrating, and it can get expensive.

The rangehoods available from Pacific Kitchen Life are entirely filterless. They replace filters with a range of innovative features, including a unique self-cleaning system. With Pacific filterless rangehood, you’re not only free from filter cleaning – you barely have to touch the rangehood at all!

For a smarter, cleaner, and more efficient kitchen experience, choose a filterless rangehood from Pacific Kitchen Life.

The Filterless Rangehood with Plenty of Suction Power

If our rangehoods are entirely filterless, then how do they keep your kitchen free of grease, grime, odours, and smoke?

Well, Pacific’s filterless rangehoods are built in a ducted design, which means they extract grease and grime from your kitchen and expel it outside your house. This extraction ability is supported by powerful dual motors which are both incredibly efficient and surprisingly quiet. You won’t have to yell across the kitchen when you install a Pacific filterless rangehood!

The Cleaner Filterless Rangehood

Not having to worry about removing, washing and replacing filters saves you a lot of hassle. When you throw in the auto-clean function on our filterless rangehood, you have yourself a completely hassle-free experience.

Simply run the auto-clean after use and let your rangehood do the hard work for you. The rangehoods in our collection also feature a unique a 130℃ steam clean function for the most comprehensive kitchen rangehood cleaning yet!

Get Your Filterless Rangehood from Pacific Kitchen Life

To get a rangehood that makes working in the kitchen a dream, come and visit Pacific Kitchen Life today. You can shop online with Pacific Kitchen Life and have a filterless rangehood delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can visit a retail partner near you to secure your new rangehood. For complete assistance with installation, contact the Pacific Kitchen Life team today. We can determine the most appropriate installation method for your kitchen and provide you with a custom quote.

Call us on 03 9877 3355.

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